The Netherlands

Important Cities

Amsterdam: The capital
Rotterdam: World famous seaport
The Hague: City of government
Utrecht: Heart of The Netherlands
Eindhoven: Most famous industrial city

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About the Netherlands


Dutch is the official language of The Netherlands, which is spoken by almost all the people in The Netherlands, it’s a West Germanic, Low Franconian language from the Early Middle Ages(c.470). In addition the main languages, there are also many dialects spoken. As Frisian, a co-official language in the province Friesland. English is widely spoken in The Netherlands, you can communicate in English everywhere in The Netherlands


Irreligion – 71%
Roman Catholic 12%
Protestant 8%
Islam 6%
Hinduism/Buddhism  3%



It’s the richest country in the world in tulip production, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. In the world ranking is the 12th richest country with about 45.000 Euro’s GDP per capita. The country is popularly known in the world by the production of tulip, chees, and World Famous beer Heineken and the lively Red Light district.


Euro’s, 1 euro is about 1,2 USD, 4 AED and 1,2 CHF

To exchange money: In any big train stations ns you will find a GWK-Kantoor for exchange the foreign currencies in Euro’s. In the touristic cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague there are many exchange offices which is located in the touristic area. Maestro cards, Mastercard and Visa Card holders can withdraw money in Most ATM’s.



The Netherlands is a flat and most lowest country in Western Europe which also called as Holland informally. This full of nature land borders Germany in the east and Belgium in the south. And North Sea in the Northwest The country has inhabitants of 16,8 million. The elevation of the country ranges from -7 m until 322 m. which a quarter of the country is located below the sea level. It’s the most densely populated nation in Europe with 487 inhabitants per square meter.


The Netherlands has a maritime climate with a cool summer and moderate winter. Temperatures in the daytime varies from 3C – 7C in the winter and from 17C – 22C in the summer.



By Air: The country has a good aviation network to 5 airports, those are Rotterdam The Hague airport, Eindhoven airport, Maastricht airport, Groningen airport and Schiphol International airport as the biggest airport of the country, which has accessibility to most countries in the world.

By railway: The Netherlands is good accessible by train, from Brussels there is at all times connections which runs at least 2 time per hour to Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. There is easily connections with the high speed train from Paris, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin to Amersfoort, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam for 1x a hour .

By Bus: The country is accessible from most countries in in Europe by different of bus companies.

Travel Documents

For nationalities of the EU, EEA and Switzerland are exempt for visa requirement. For some nationalities outside the EU there is no visa requirement either, for example, USA Japan, UAE, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Click here on the site of Ministry of affair from the Dutch government for the list of countries with citizenship require a visa for a stay up to 90 days. A Shengen visa allows you to stay and travel in the Shengen area for up to three months within a six month period.