Important Cities

Warsaw – Capital
Krakow – Important culture city of Europe
Lodz – Industrial
Gdansk – Sea Port
Poznan – Industrial

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About Poland


The official language in Poland is Polish. In each provinces. Local dialects are spoken in each provinces.


Roman Catholicism – 87,5%
Orthodoxy – 2,5%
Others – 3%
Non-believers 7%



From 1990 Poland opened their economic liberalization. The economy development in Poland lead in the former Eastern Bloc members of the European Union. In 2017 the Polish economy has been growing continually since 1990, a record high in the EU. The main activities of Polish economy is the export, it’s include machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture and plastics.


Zloty’s, 1 zloty is about 0,25 euro, 0,33 USD, 0,30 CHF

To exchange money: You can exchange zloty currency almost anywhere in the country inside a random shopping center. In the touristic cities as Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk there are many exchange offices which is located in the touristic area. More often they are much more expensive then exchange in the local areas. Maestro cards, Mastercard and Visa Card holders can withdraw money in Most ATM’s.



The unitary State Country in Central Europe which is represented by 16 administrative subdivisions. Poland is bordered by Germany in the West, Czech Republic and Slovakia in South, Ukraine and Belarus in East and Lituania and Russia(Kaliningrad Oblast) in the North. The country has an in habitant of 39 million. With an area of 312.679 square kilometers is Poland the 8th largest country in The European Union.


Poland has a temperate climate with a cold winter and hot summer. Temperatures in the daytime varies from -3C – -20C in the winter and from 20C – 30C in the summer.



By Air: Because of the Polish immigrants those lives in many countries of Western-Europe. That’s why European Union has a good aviation network to 8 airports, those are Katowice, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lublin, Poznan, Krakow and Warsaw Chopin international airport as the biggest airport of the country, which has accessibility to most countries in the world.

By railway: The railway in Poland is less developed than Air and road network. You can access Poland by railway from Germany, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

By Bus: The country is accessible from most countries in Europe by different of bus companies;

Travel Documents

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